A Letter to your trust to let you stay with us.

Meet our some of the connected customers with us.

Hii We are three core team members (Akansha, Harshata, and Anil), the founders of Goodsdream.com writing this letter personally ourselves for the people to please read it because since last some days we continue to get many calls from the number of people (customers) asking about the assurance of their transaction, assurance of their order, assurance of their money, and so on… . So now we really wish to write this letter personally ourselves for all people like them and you, that you have landed on this Goodsdream.com, website and reading this letter right now. we know since you have landed over here on Goodsdream.com, website, sure might be thinking that you should buy anything or not and it is just because the reason only is (you and us) we both are new to each other, right? and you also have visited here the first time so we can also imagine that how anyone like you and us ourselves can expect to get equally support and trust without any doubts if we new to each other and new to some any website on the internet that we have landed on. you also must be thinking that what if you buy any product and it doesn’t get delivered at your door, what if you get the product delivered but the product you receive in your hand is a wrong product or defective product, what if you return any product but don’t get a refund of your amount back to your account, what if…, what if…, and what if… so on. but trust this Goodsdream and these people of 25-year-old named “Akansha, Harshata, and Anil” (the founders) we three all really say we are here just for you with a belief of serving to you our every step ahead and we also have to make it very successful which can’t be done or possible without you.

Now one thing is always to make sure for you by us which matter most not for you but also for us. If you ever think that we will keep your money (maybe if you feel something like cheating on your money) and not return it back to you so take your ears/eyes close to this, we all three really ourselves take responsibility for this please do not worry anything about your money ever or about anything, every single amount of money that belongs to you will always be your and also will be returned back to you at all because we are here just like one of you only, and we can also understand the value of money earned working hard throughout the day or month because we are here only just like you and you are there just like us.

We also know this sure that sometimes in the process it also might be anything but we are also humans and can’t promise completely right about everything so we will make mistakes too sometimes regarding your order or getting your order delayed, and it can be about anything but writing this letter now telling you that we will always handle it well with your support and co-ordinate and this is what we can promise for. so every people visiting the Goodsdream.com, website for the first, second, third, and any number of times always can get themselves very comfortable on Goodsdream.com while shopping for anything, making transactions for the order, transferring money to their friends and anyone their close ones through the wallet payment, and connecting with any brand store and the vendors doing their business on Goodsdream, so on… etc many things that you can do on Goodsdream.com, website. in case of anything ever during your visit to Goodsdream, we would always be there for you, and also in case of any defective product, wrong product and unsuccessful of the product delivery, and return of the product we will always be returning your complete refund money with all procedure and your complete rights as policy on Goodsdream.com, website. so now with complete assurance of ourselves from our end, you can easily take Goodsdream.com for a website of someone like your friend with the help of this letter.

Now we are so sorry to you for taking the such time if you read this en entire letter so far. so this is the reason only why we wrote this letter of trust to erase all doubts between us with a true communication to you through this letter and for a better relation together !!

If there is still someone who doesn’t believe it so then we make you sure to send up to an extra 500rs into your account personally or else you can also even buy anything else for yourself instead of these 500rs into your hand/account (but it is just only for our next 1000 customers).

as soon as you buy anything with us on this Goodsdream.com, website and get your products delivered to your hand and you are satisfied with your order so we will then sure send them or allow them to shop for 500rs extra anything on this Goodsdream. it is up to you how you want it we will make it.