Goodsdream is an E-commerce brand store that not only just provides a marketplace for every big vendor, small vendor, and local vendor as well, but also provide them a digitally featured brand store of their own business’s brand name separately and goodsdream help both customer and vendor to get connected together directly to do business and to do shopping with easily, simplicity, and be secure and safe as well via direct contact with each other while doing business and doing shopping.  

customers can be very sure and feel secure enough to buy anything on goodsdream with the help of direct touch with the seller while they are buying something or anything from them and also can get their every enquiry about each product and services resolved and get cleared of their doubts directly from direct touch with the seller and goodsdream’s support team as well on goodsdream.com.

customer can not only buy just from the website directly but also will have the option to shop directly from the number of brand stores of various different categories of products of their (customer) choice’s on goodsdream platform with very simplicity and easy.

seller easily will be able to find out that who is there really in front to shop from them with the help of access of direct touch between customer and sellers on goodsdream platform and also seller can be secure and safe from the loss of fake orders while selling on goodsdream from every corner of India.

seller will also be getting a digital feature brand store on the brand name of their own business to expand their appearance and recognization everywhere so that people can find out and search about their business live on the internet from wherever as well as selling their product or service on goodsdream platform.

goodsdream vendor partners will not only get their product sold from the website or platform but also can get their product sold directly from their own brand store by customers.

giving a brand store to each seller partners on goodsdream will also help them retarget and market their every customer forever once ever bought anything from them in past.  

Yes, Goodsdream.com is an Indian company. This goodsdream.com (Ecommerce brand store), platform is managed and operated by Indian residential, which has been built and owned by an only Indian resident. 

Here on goodsdream.com platform, we have multiple options that help us to go a step ahead with our customers for their better experience with simplicity and make our every business easy to operate and manage with a couple of clicks.

As a vendor on the goodsdream.com platform, you can not only easily design and create your own brand store but also every vendor on goodsdream will be able to stay very close to their customers all along and reach their customers easily every time they need.

1. Vendors Will Be Able To Design And Create Their Own Stores Just Within Only 10 Minutes On Their Own Brand Names.

2. Vendors Will Also Be to Collect Data Of Their All Customers and Manage Them Too.

3. sellers can also see and manage their all reports by months, by weeks, by year, by day or net sales, gross sales, income, tax, etc.

4. your customers can ask inquiries about your products or services and you can make more sure and trust about your products or services.

5. sellers will also be able to promote their brands of stores and their products or services through coupon generating for your regular customers to promote stores and products. 

6. Sellers will also be facilitated to publish their own articles for your brand of the store and your product and services anytime and let your customers know more about your products and services through articles as well as promoting your brand of stores and products in front of your customers by this.

7. you can add multiple types of products with different features of adding products like variable products, simple products, grouped products, and affiliate products.

8. seller can also see their all payment transactions history and manage their payment and withdrawals from time to time.

9. Sellers can also manage and handle their shipping very well and very easily as they want as, with the facilitated provided by goodsdream.com, website.

10. the seller can also manage the SEO of their own brand store to come on top of the store list section by searching for their customers on goodsdream.com, website. and for Facebook or Twitter as well with best SEO by vendors.

11. seller will also be able to manage each policy of their all brand store and products or services they are providing to the customer and their all present and past customers can easily see their term and conditions of vendors store.  and also about their policy of products and services by visiting sellers store just with one click on Google or on goodsdream.com, website.

12. the seller can also manage timings and hours of their own brand stores depending on their own as they want as, just with one click. the seller can also manage or operate their all products and services even for 24 hours.

sellers can also put off times of their brand store for their product to not be visible to people anymore, and until they put on times for products going live back on the website.

13. seller will also be facilitated for their own ledger book in-store to see their all payment and income and all orders and refunds and withdrawals easily.

14. seller can also manage all reviews on products and stores by their customers where their customers will also be able to have reviews for their products and services.

15. the seller can also manage and edit their all profile of their brand stores as like as they want to show their brand store in front of their customers as promoting.

sellers can also edit designs or create profiles of their own brand stores according to them and their brand store which will be visible as it is by sellers in front of customers all time.

the seller can also manage and edit their own profile as well.

16. sellers can also update about their brand stores and product or services which will help them tell their customers about their brand stores and product or services just with only one click through a subdomain of their brand store and peoples can also find and search about them on google SEO just with one click by sub-domain of their brand stores. that what their brand stores are about for their customers.

17. the seller can also connect their all social media to their brand store, where customers can directly jump to their stores to social media and social media to their brand store directly and easily with just one click by customers and which will be making promoting for the seller to the customers on social media.

18. the seller can also promote other businesses as well and can promote their own business too and make sales by cross-selling or up-selling on their brand stores. and can also create affiliating products and markets of their brand stores or products.

19. the seller can also easily manage their products and orders in the proper right way.

20. the seller can also manage all refunds of their all customers and their as well very easily and with a time-saving process.

it is just a process of hardly 2-3 minutes with four steps.

1. first-step, you need to go to google and type to search “goodsdream” and hit enter to search.

2. second-step, once you search the goodsdream then you need to click on the first link on the top of the search list.

3. third-step, after you get into the website by clicking on goodsdream website link from google search list and now you will have to click on the menu given above in the top right of the website and you will see vendor registration link in the menu.

4. four-step, now as soon as you click on the vendor registration link, you will be redirected to the vendor registration page where you can register your every business by filling up your following details as given within just two minutes.

just watch the complete video of the vendor registration on goodsdream.com here given below ;

To be a seller partner on goodsdream.com. you don’t need anything so much to register.

just only need to verify your email first for completion of registration and also need to have the brand name of your business that you will register with. then you will be good to go and start selling with us once after getting approval when you fill-up the complete registration form with verified email and your business brand name on goodsdream.com.

we make sure to every business owner that it is just a process of hardly 2 minutes to register your any business on goodsdream.com (after completion of registration for any business by any business owner will be approved within 24 hours.) 

As a vendor on goodsdream, they first need to log into their store manager dashboard and go to the setting, where you will find a tab of shipping in the dashboard of store manager once after clicking on setting, now you can configure your shipping for every product of your brand store listed by you.

note to remember, either shipping charges should be made configuration once directly from the dashboard of store manager going in the setting by vendors or shipping charges should be made configuration from listing product page separately for every particular product while vendor listing their products in their brand store. because It might be overridden with each other while checking out of products by any customer regarding shipping charges if added both places mistakenly.

First every registered vendor on goodsdream,com, platfom will be assigned with their own digital store of their own brand name, which will help them to connect their every social media into their brand store on goodsdream.com, platform and can share their brand store easily with their every customer so that your every existing and new customer can easily search and find everything about your business and your brand store on google and social media as well on goodsdream.com, platform.

Customers can make purchases of products directly not only on goodsdream.com, website but also can easily buy from the brand store of vendors.

Goodsdream also allows every vendor for SEO of their own brand store on selected social media and goodsdream.com, platform as well, which will help their customer search them easily on google, goodsdream, and social media.

First, you need to verify your email to register as a vendor on the goodsdream.com, website, which is just a process of hardly one minute to register as a vendor on the goodsdream.com, website. once after completion of registration by any vendor on the goodsdream.com platform, it will take them just a few minutes to set up their own brand store easily, and you will be given your own seller dashboard is called the store manager. and now as a seller, you can manage everything from your store manager and start selling every product and service just within hardly 10 minutes of the process only. 

It’s okay with sellers, if any seller, who are not able to ship their products to customers, they can allow “store pickup” from their store manager of vendor dashboard for customers to place orders via “store pickup” during the checkout of the order by any customers.

we are also working on building our own shipping to help our seller partners easily to ship their products to any customers from anywhere on goodsdream.com, platform.

vendor selling on goodsdream.com, website will be transferred their payment directly into their bank account just within 5-7 days from the date the order is successfully delivered to the customers.

There is no limitation of product listing by any vendors on the goodsdream.com, platform. they are completely allowed to list the products as much as they can and they want.

No, there are no charges on the listing of any products by any vendor and anything you do on the goodsdream.com, platform. but on sales of every product, we just have a certain percentage of charges, which is just a kind of help to us by you all to keep on working and improving more than last time and keep on providing much better services to you through our platform and get you more enough close to every existing and new customer with our every possibility.

since every product just belongs to you, you will obviously take care of the MRP tag and packaging of every product only.

there is no restriction by goodsdream.com for their seller partners while uploading as many pictures as of their product but the video they can just upload only along with the description of their products.

Yes, goodsdream is just built only for small businesses like MSME to help and support them with technology and resources to reach more existing and new customers every day and grow more with the new way of changing behavior in customers toward the business in the upcoming generation and along with fast coming changes for doing business. every business and vendor is allowed to be a seller partner on goodsdream.com, platform, who want to grow their businesses with every existing and new customer and be able to stay connected with customers in their industry and market. 


No, as a seller partner on goodsdream.com, website they can sell every category of the product without any restriction by goodsdream.com, website for their seller partners. 

dropshipping is the new business model that has been introduced by goodsdream to allow anyone for making money with us as long as they want with their extra add on margin as much as they want of their choice over any product is listed on the website so that customers should also be able to buy it.

any user can sell the products to anyone they want with the extra margin of their choices over the total cost of the products and our supplier will dispatch the product to their customer themselves.

there is no restriction for it that anyone can join this program but we have just usually started for those who want to have a side by side income source, the one who has enough free time so that they can invest it toward something right for them personally during their free time and utilize their time very well, and also even students can also do this as well as studying while being the dropshipping partner of the goodsdream.

Users will be able to make another source of income for themselves even without leaving their first job either they are studying, they are going to a job, or doing any small business or anything they are doing.

they will also be able to have a certain amount on every sale, a kind of reward to them for their all effort and time they are adding into this with goodsdream.

just usually have to register only as a customer or as a user on goodsdream and they will see an option in their dashboard of the user by going in address tab through their dashboard and there they will find an option given over there is “company (optional)” in billing address so there they will write the “drop shipping partner” in the option given there as “company (optional)” in the billing address. please make sure it should never be removed from the billing address that you have written if you are selling the products, want to sell the product, or while selling the product to anyone as a dropshipping on goodsdream from our website through the supplier that they themselves will ship the products. if it is removed from your billing address so you will not get paid for the product you sold as drop shipping so make sure it is always there till the time you are a dropshipping partner with goodsdream.

1. first, the user (drop shipper) will pick up any products they want or wish then they can share the products or products with descriptions on any social media with their own extra margin add-on over the total price given on the products page.