Pay easily after you use it once yourself within next seven days after your order delivery.

placing your order with the buy now pay later option allows you to pay for your order post seven days from the date the order is delivered to you on your door.

How to place order - buy now pay later option
To place an order with the buy now pay later option on the checkout page, you must have sufficient balance in your wallet. the wallet credit balance should be equal to or more enough than the total order value amount of placing the order on the checkout page. wallet balance which can be topped up via my account in your DASHBOARD > MY WALLET > WALLET TOP UP. you can proceed ahead to add a credit balance to your wallet.

Return Policy - Buy Now Pay Later
Placing the order with a buy now pay later payment method option is the new most liked choice of the customer placing an order due to the convenience of the shopping experience and easy & safe payment option that you can use the product first for your trial and pay next after seven days after your satisfaction of your order.
Hence the return policy would be available within 36 hours of the order being delivered to you.

How to pay for your order - Buy Now Pay Later
Email reminders along with the payment link will be sent to you after your order is delivered to you, The first email reminder will be sent 4 days and the second email will be sent 6 days after your order is delivered. you can please pay by clicking on the payment link in the emails.
however, if you still are unable to pay after the second reminder, your wallet credit balance will be debited.