● The portal, goodsdream.com (website), and (platform) are managed and operated by Indian residential, a person, or under partnership act which is made and owned by Indian residential.
● Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the “goodsdream.com” website. By using the “ goodsdream” (website) you signify your agreement to be bound by these conditions.

Condition to use of goodsdream.com
1) if you use the website, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and restricting access to your computer or mobile to prevent unauthorized access to your account. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under account or password. You should take all necessary steps to ensure that password is kept confidential and secure and should inform us immediately if you have any reason to believe that your password has become known to anyone else so that you should be able to create a new password via an email sent by goodsdream.com (website) but please ensure that the details you provide with us are correct and complete and inform us immediately of any changes to the information that you provide when registering. You can access and update the details provided by you to us in your account on websites. You agree and acknowledge that you will use your account on the website to purchase products only for your personal use only.

2) in addition when you use any current and future goodsdream.com (website) service, (goodsdream service) you will also be subject to all terms and conditions, guidelines applicable to the goodsdream service (website). And we “goodsdream” also have the right to make any changes in terms and conditions of “goodsdream.com”, whenever we “goodsdream” want on this website.

please review your privacy notice, which also governs your visits to goodsdresm.com, to understand your practice, the personal information and data provided to us by you during the courses of usage of goodsdream.com will be treated as strictly confidential and in accordance with the privacy notice and applicable laws and regulation. If you object to your information being transferred or used, do not use the website.

● Anyone with the age above 18 years is eligible to access the website and the use of goodsdream.com is also available to minor under 18 years, who is using it with the involvement of their parents.

● When you visit goodsdream.com, you are communicating with us electronically. You will be required to provide a valid phone number while placing an order with us. We may communicate with you by e-mail, message, phone call or by posting notices on the website or by any other mode of communication. For contractual purposes, you agree to receive communications (including transactional, promotional, and commercial messages), from us and co-ordinate with respect to your use of the websites and your order placed on the website.

● We will not be responsible for any losses (including loss of profit, revenue, contract, anticipated saving, data, goodwill, or wasted expenditure) or any other indirect or consequential loss that is not reasonably foreseeable to both you and us when you commenced using the websites.

Use of third-party services.
● When you use goodsdream.com services (website), you may also be using the services of one or more third parties, sellers. Your use of these third parties or seller’s service may be subjected to the separate policies, terms and conditions, and fees of these third parties and sellers.

● In order to keep the goodsdream software up to date or any improvement and development of goodsdream.com (services), we may offer automatic or manual updates and changes in the website at any time and any without notice to you.

Condition of sale (between the seller and the customer)
● Please read these terms and conditions carefully before placing an order for any product and also requested to read the store policy too, while placing the order from the sellers (third parties) on goodsdream.com website, (“we” or “our” or “us”, wherever applicable) on the goodsdream.com, website. This condition already signifies your agreement to be bound by the conditions.

Condition relating to the sale of the product to you
● This section deal with conditions relating to the sale of the product to you on the website by multiple sellers to you.

our contract

Your order is an offer to us to buy the product(s) in your order. When you place an order to purchase a product from us, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your order and containing the details of your order (the “Order Confirmation E-mail”). The Order Confirmation E-mail is an acknowledgment that we have received your order and do not confirm acceptance of your offer to buy the product(s) ordered. We only accept your offer and conclude the contract of sale for a product ordered by you, when the product is dispatched to you and an e-mail confirmation is sent to you that the product has been dispatched to you (the “Dispatch Confirmation E-mail”)

● Price on each product is listed and displayed on goodsdream.com (website), is in accordance of sellers and decided by sellers, and it’s including of all government tax (vat/cst, service tax, good and service tax) into the price mentioned on goodsdream.com. (website), by sellers.

● You shall be responsible for payment of all fees/costs/charges associated with the purchase of products from us and you agree to bear any and all applicable taxes including but not limited to VAT/CST, service tax, GST, duties, etc.
Prepaid seller
● Your ( customer) use of accessing the website is already legal to be bound by all terms and conditions of the website. You before buying any product being sold by these sellers should be agreed to the terms and conditions created by goodsdream.com (website). And you make sure and check that you agree to these seller’s terms and conditions too. It is also the responsibility of these sellers to specially mention that “prepaid” on their store and product displayed on goodsdream.com (website).

sellers/third parties
1. Sellers should not use any copy brand until unless without any permission letter by that brand owner. If sellers still are selling any copy brand on goodsdream.com(website), without any permission letter by that brand owner, in that case, we as goodsdream.com (website) are mediators facilitated only between sellers and customers, we will not be held responsible for this. And the seller may be eligible for legal action.
2. Sellers are also allowed to create terms and conditions in accordance with them ( but only under certain rights as decided by goodsdream.com, (website)) on their store in goodsdream.com (website), and make changes at any time they want.
3. Any kind of seller who is willing to become a vendor on goodsdream.com,(website) can become a vendor on goodsdream.com (website) by accepting all terms and conditions as created by the website.
4. We (goodsdream.com) website are only facilitator to provide service only between customers and sellers, in case of extra loss due to any occurred activities while processing order while selling on goodsdream.com (website). Sellers will be considered responsible for their all activities on the website.
5. On goodsdream.com (website) sellers also can apply coupon codes, discounts in accordance by sellers, you can also check and enquire about this through their purchase. In this case, we (goodsdream.com) website are as a marketplace to provide services between customers and sellers. And we can not be held responsible for this. And customers as already legally to be bound by all terms and conditions for accessing goodsdream.com (website).
6. Seller should also mention already the terms and conditions in their own store page on goodsdream.com (website). And also for better understanding of customer and information to the customer, sellers should mention in their description of the image of the product, because the customer should feel secure and enough satisfied with information to access the website to buy the product.

Customers right
● In case of any product you are shipped by any seller’s on the website, and it is not as it is as mentioned on description and other different product than as displayed on product image by sellers and defective, damaged by any of following sellers on websites. Sellers will be considered responsible, it may be refunded or returned and replaced.

Services/remote area
● Users should be agreed to all terms and conditions on goodsdream.com, website. If there is no services area yet under our policy and on the website for our any service and product then kindly request the customer not to use for now, and either give us time or wait until we avail our services and product in your pin code, locality.

Make sure that if any user (customer) buy anything from a seller personally with no information or awareness to the platform without any digital record and activities of their sales on the website, will not be considered or held responsible to the platform for any issue of the customer regarding their payment, return, cancel, refunds, delivery, and any harm or loss of their payment and product in future. Users can’t expect the website to resolve any issue or any problem of the customers because the activities between seller and customer have no live records and proofs on the website.

if sellers are found doing such kinds of activities inappropriately that they are selling the products to any user directly by taking the bad or negative uses of accessibilities of wide features and customers base of the website for their personally without any awareness and information, it might be legal action toward the vendor and also might be suspended forever to sale again on the website.

access of direct touch and personal contact between seller and customer just with the ambition to help our every seller partners to get recognization by every customer buying and the customer will also be able to find very well that they are not only just buying from the goodsdream but also who the vendor and brand store that the customers are buying from on goodsdream, unlike other platform and marketplace. 

Return & shipping
To secure your product and services ordered by customers on goodsdream.com, and to process your order as an offer to us on the website, and to satisfy your needs for the purpose of your personal use by holding any kind of deal on “websites” with sellers and us, through this marketplace, customers are also requested to co-ordinate with sellers and us, if you are sent an email for confirmation of accepting your order on websites by third parties and us, and to make sure to both sellers and us, that only person you have just ordered. Sometimes customers may also be made the confirmation via phone calls, messages, and email by sellers and goodsdream.com (website) to process your orders.

shipping and packaging.
● Please allow us to ship your product within 5-7 business working days after you place an order on goodsdream.com. And you have only 7 days of returning, refund, replacement.
● Products are returnable within the applicable return window if you’ve received them in a condition that is physically damaged, has missing parts or accessories, defective or different from their description on the product detail page on goodsdream.com.
● Return will be processed only if:
● it is determined that the product was not damaged while in your possession;
● the product is not different from what was shipped to you;
● the product is returned in original condition (with brand’s/manufacturer’s box, MRP tag intact, user manual, warranty card, and all the accessories therein).
● if the replacement request is placed and the seller does not have the exact same product in stock, we will provide a refund.

Shipping & return
● If any users are found returning any product due to invalid reasons again and again then the user may be charged for the shipping cost incurred by sellers/third parties on goodsdream.com, for processing their order.
● Users may cancel the product, they have ordered on goodsdream.com only before dispatching the product on the shipping process.
● Delivery service outside the area of shipping then we will refund your 100% refund.

content liability

We shall have no responsibility or liability for any content appearing on the Website. You agree to indemnify and defend us against all claims arising out of or based upon the Website. No link(s) may appear on any page on the Website or within any context containing content or materials that may be interpreted as libelous, obscene, or criminal, or which infringes, otherwise violates, or advocates the infringement or other violation of, any third party rights.

Prepaid sellers

  • as users access the website, they are already to be bound by all terms and conditions under the following given on goodsdream.com, website. As a user, you will also see the some of the sellers with only prepaid mentioned in their store policy and product policy only to accept prepaid orders but all terms and conditions will be followed same by those sellers as well, like other users (customers) and sellers for accessing the website under policy and term and conditions given on goodsdream.com website. And these sellers will also be under the same terms and conditions as each and every user “either as seller or customer’s”, but only they will just accept the prepaid order only.
  • So the user (customer) should make sure that if they place an order, each and every processor and term and conditions will be right similar/same and their order will also be treated with the same processor as all other’s orders. But to inform the user that you better check and read each thing before placing the order about store policy and product policy. And the most important thing is that users can always and all-time feel secure for their any dealing for anything or purchasing by these sellers on goodsdream.com,(website), and while placing orders. That’s what we goodsdream.com(website) make very sure to the users for themselves to make sure confirm with total security and safety.
  • If users don’t see anything is written like “ prepaid” somewhere or anywhere in store policy or product policy of seller, then it will be considered to those sellers to accept both cash on delivery and through online prepaid.