Now Build Your Brand In Your Hand

"Now the business is not just about buying and selling only, It's more about building a close relation and working on your own personalized brand".

Get approval and become a More personalized brand of your customer !!

We just don't want you to sell only because now the personal branding and relation with customer for every business also matter most due to every competition around us.

So Don’t Ignore Personal Branding And Your Relation With Customer, Let’s Make Your Business A Value For Your Customer with Goodsdream…

Customers not only will be getting the support just from the Goodsdream, website but also will be able to access to have the direct support from the vendor itself for their every customer about their every product and service.

Vendor partner of the Goodsddream selling with us can keep their every customer just with them only and manage their customer easily according to them and Make Your Customer Base Strong.

Here the second most important thing that we are working on helping to provide our every vendor partner and business partner that every size of business need is retargeting the customer and retaining them for a long time to keep them with their business only to multiply their business growth with the help of the data of their own existing the customer only by CRM along with a kind of Omni-channel and article/ content writing.

CRM; the data of their every customer bought anything ever before will get stored itself in their system and which will help them build a close relation and retarget them to retain. and here you will find your every customer even after years.

Omni-channel; with extra add-on features of connecting their entire social media from their own brand store so that customers could also easily find them on every social media and google search engine as well as on Goodsdream, Platform. and you can always stay near to them.

Article/content writing; this will help to let the people know more about the business and your story, and will also help you write about your any customer into your article and attract more and more new customers with this content writing by spreading around the information with every deep details for customer to get much sure toward your business. and you can also stay very close to the customer and give them complete updates about your business to keep them in close relation with you.

every seller selling on Goodsdream, platform being as a vendor partner with Goodsdream will be assigned with their own featured brand store on the name of their own business’s name or brand’s name, and with this facility or privilege for selling on Goodsdream, they will be able to present their every business in the form of a brand for every customer out there, the one who is really willing to be known and be recognized as a brand in front their every customer.

Customers can not only buy directly from Goodsdream, Website but also will be able to buy direct from your own brand store by searching on Google and social media.

Goodsdream is an E-commerce brand store that not only provides a marketplace for every big vendor, small vendor, and local vendor as well, but also provide them a digitally featured brand store of their own business’s name and brand‘s name separately and Goodsdream help both customer and vendor to get connected together directly to do business and to do shopping easily with simplicity, and be secure and safe as well via direct contact with each other while doing business and doing shopping.

Customers of the vendor, who is selling with goodsdream, will also be able to know that the one who they are buying anything or dealing with on Goodsdream, who it is really there and ask any inquiry directly even before buying anything and after buying anything. Customers can not only have the support from the Goodsdream, platform but also will have the support directly from the vendor as well so that the vendor can help their every customer easily and very closely.

the vendor will also be able to find the customer that the one who is buying anything from them, who it is really maybe it is any fake order and even customer can also get in direct contact with the customer in case of any doubts for any customers.

From selling an online with a digitally Featured Brand store of your business to connecting an entire social media with your business to enhance your reach and make the trust of your business for customers with this and many more, etc. the Goodsdream’s vendor partner not only will also be able to sell online but also will be able to sell offline directly from their physical live store with store pickup option for their every customer in their location to reduce the workload over their head during crowds or festivals to lead their competitors around them. 

Eligibility to sell with Goodsdream...

No, there is no restriction for any size of business to start selling with Goodsdream, Goodsdream allows every big vendor, small vendor, and even local vendor can also be a Goodsdream's Vendor Partner to do their business and sell their every category of product.


Goodsdream also supports the policy for their vendor partner to sell not only just "Cash on delivery" as always but also the vendor, who want to just sell "prepaid order" can also sell with the supporting policy of Goodsdream with simplicity.




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Become A Vendor Partner

Let's Do A Business Together

Just register your business with one click of the button given below just within 5 minutes to start selling for your business and once you are registered, you will be approved within 24 hours to do the business with Goodsdream.


After getting approval you just need to set up your business or brand store just within 5 minutes to start selling for your customer with Goodsdream.


Don't Be Dependent on any platform, just build your personal brand and a very strong customer base, so that even though you leave this platform you will not lose your market, your connection with customers (which just belongs to you only),  and your relationship with customers. So start selling now and start working for the future of your business with Goodsdream.

That's what we aim for our every vendor partner and business partner doing business with Goodsdream get always recognized by their customers as well as selling.

Don't sell with us if you think we are like other platforms.

Fees For The Goodsdream That You Pay Only When You Earn.

Goodsdream promises their every vendor partner and business partner to not charge more than this ever and even after years. 

This is the payment that we charge from our every vendor and business partner is just a kind of help to us by you all to keep on working and improving more with time and keep on providing much better services to you all through our platform by making our technology much better and creating more enough resources to keep your business always running well and get you more enough close to every existing and new customers with our every possibility.

List your products

Just Start listing your products in your brand store from your vendor store manger dashboard on, website as soon as you get approval after your registration.

Sell the products

Now let the customer buy the products from your brand store on Goodsdream, platform once after you are done with listing of your products,

Deliver the orders

Just deliver your product after receiving the orders from the customer.

Get payment of your sale

Every vendor partner selling on the Goodsdream, platform will be transferred their payment of every sale within next 5-7 business working days as soon as the vendor dispatch the order of the customer from their end.

Manage your customer now for your business

Once after your order is completed successfully with customers, you can manage your customers to make a close relation with them and retain them always by retargeting your same customer very well if you want.

Keep in touch with your customers forever

you can always keep in touch with customers and even make your business a value for the customer that you can easily find them when you need them. know your customer better and build your business much better.

Ab business tabhi hi badhega jab aapke business ke baare me har koi jaanega !!

Since if you are right sure about what really we do by reading so far from top to bottom this section, you must also be sure about what we really don't do !!

"What we really don't do"

We don’t charge any penalties on the cancellation of the order by you (by the vendors/business owners) because it’s your order, so it also should be your right with every order received to you by customers.

We don’t charge any kind of cash handling fees on your COD orders.

We always charge only closing fees on prepaid and COD orders but we don’t intend to charge any other different kinds of collection fees separately on COD orders.

We don’t delay your payment of every order for more than 7 days, we always allow the policy of making the payment only within 7 days because we understand the importance of cash in your hand every time for our vendor partners/ business partners while running any business.

We follow the policy and terms that support the vendors equally, hence we don’t do partiality between our vendors and also never intend to tie up with any vendor specifically for selling our own products on this same platform to make more profits and give high competition to you by making tie up any other vendors on platforms.

We make sure that we will never intend to copy your high/best selling products and sell in our inventory on this same platforms, and also we are always sure to never keep our own inventory.

Every customer coming on our platforms is always meant to be your customer only because we follow the concept of making a good personalized relation between both our vendor partners and end customers so that you can make your strong customer base for the better future of your business and you could be an independent business without being dependent on our platform or any other existing platforms for your business if you know your customer and your customer know about you & about your business/brands.  

Our first customer is you (the vendors and business owners) that’s why we allow many exceptional services/facilities to our every vendor and business partner on Goodsdream and follow the vendors supporting policy as well as the same policy for end customers that match with our concept.

We are already working with a concept that represents your every business and brand and your story in front of your customer to make a personalized experience together to connect close to each other to be always recognized and known by your customers for your best product and service between many existing business and brand around.

Hence we are with our concept never hide your identity, your business, and your brands from your own customers only, who just buy anything from you only because it doesn’t match our concept. 

So we make sure, you never go hidden on this platform between crowds of your competitors and customers, and your identity always remains all time in front of your customers.

We don’t leave the people alone, because we don’t forget the importance of those who have grown with us and also have supported us always to grow with their every contribution to our growth & journey with their effort and time and still now the days they have been connected with us as always.

So we really make sure to never leave those people alone or separate them alone with us because then it would be a kind of manipulation for them.

Hence we don’t leave the people alone, who just have been with us always such as our resellers, our vendor partners, and our communities that we have made tie-up with along with a promise. 

Now become a vendor partner with Goodsdream and also become a member of this new hum vyapaari samaaj community to collaborate and build your own group of community with the same like-business to grow your business together & help each other with learning and experience.

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Learn and teach with each other to get a good experience for your business.

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